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These books  made me conceive this Internet Site. The list is in the chronological order of my reading.
You can find them at:    and

Peter Lynch One Up On Wall Street
Robert Sheard The Unemotional Investor
Michael O'Higgins Beating The Dow
David & Tom Gardner The Motley Fool Investment Guide
David & Tom Gardner Rule Breakers, Rule Makers
William A. Rini TheVest-Pocket Guide to Stock Brokerage Math
Keneth Lee Trouncing The Dow
Anthony M. Gallea & William Patalon III Contrarian Investing
James P. O'Shaughnessy What Works On Wall Street
Robert  G. Hagstrom TheWarren Buffet Way
Christopher A.Farrell day trade online
John C. Bogle Boggle on Mutual Funds
Anthony B. Perkins and Michael C. Perkins The Internet Bubble
Jon D.Markman  Online Investing
John Rolfe and Peter Troob
Monkey Business
Gary Belsky & Thomas Gilovitch Why Smart People Make Big Mistakes and How to Correct Them

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