The Golden Triangleís Domino
The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a homogeneous architectural area situated in the 14th district of Paris. In one of its prestigious buildings, a Dominoís Pizza opened its day to day activity. As it happens pizza provided by the business seems to satisfy only one type of its clients: those that do not live in the close neighborhood. The reason of that unfriendly attitude is depicted below.

The uncommon scent
The scent

The eye seems to say itís a pizza that is being cooked. The nose that is blind to any spectrum of light wonít say a word. It doesnít dare. But people do care and the smell becomes an issue. Monsieur Chirac, the retired president of France, had a very well defined opinion of all exotic scents that disturbed the ordinary citizen.

The Franciscan calm
The calm

You will not perceive a Franciscan monk on a motor bike. They are a very discrete folk. But you will notice the Dominoís delivery as the roar of the motor bikes wakes up even a clochard (a tramp).

The scent

Some surprising events got associated with these motor bikes as well. They manage to spill the gasoline just in front of the Franciscan bookshop. Some witness assured having seen a motor bike lose its pizza load while non respecting the fair rules of the streetís direction.

The scent

Some others were surprised by being almost overridden by them while standing on the sidewalk. On some occasions the police was looking for a source of toxic gas emanation inside Dominoís premises. Only some empty gasoline containers were found. As far as it is known no other source of energy but an electric oven is used. Anyway, some twenty years ago a familiar business put the building on fire so the danger is not an imaginary one.

The generations mismatch
The mismatch

Dating from Monsieur Haussmanís epoch, the so called white stone of Paris had been used for building most of the prestigious houses in Paris. Dominoís Pizza is much younger and the precious stone has disappeared from the markets by now. The temporary solution shows some signs of decomposition and it hurts the feeling of a cultivated citizenís sensibility.

Signs of welfare
Signs of welfare

There is no money for fixing Dominoís tiny exterior window. Using a paper is a very cost efficient way and it will certainly satisfy all companyís shareholder. Efficiency and economy first and if, at the same time, it keeps the unpleasant scent away from the sensible noses of the neighborhood the double objective is achieved.

Necessity and invention
The invention

The electric oven of Dominoís pizza with its five refrigerators heaped up on the restrained surface of twenty square meters behaves like a generator of low frequency vibrations. They propagate up towards the apartments above as there is no solid phonic isolation in between. As the floor is trembling like a drumís membrane with my bed on it, I had to find a temporary solution to protect my head at least during my nightís sleep. I use a leverage to lift four legs of my bed and insert an absorption layer made of cork, wooden planks and rubber to cut the propagation of the deadly waves.

The leveraged buyout
The leverage

Though it looks very simple itís a real hurdle to lift the bed before the night comes and early in the morning when youíre in a frantic hurry to start a day. Itís fun when doing once and even amusing when you talk about it with your friends. But an idea came to me when I learned that the companyís stock value (DPZ) needs a serious lift after it crushed on Monday May 7, 2007. I could sell the leverage to Domino to lift its depressed stock value.

An unexpected event
An event

It occurred on May 7, 2007. A sharp decline on Dominoís stock value was due to a significant net profit loss. The market is cruel when the expectations are not met. In one day almost half of the companyís value evaporated on New York Stock Exchange. Up from $ 1.99 billion on Friday May 4, 2007 down to $ 1.19 billion on Monday May 7, 2007. Almost half of its market capitalization - equivalent to nearly one billon dollars vanished in the first seconds of the morning. Now you see the utility of my leverage. I hope it will work and that Domino Corporation will regain its glorious stock exchange value. With a fraction of the expected gains the Company will certainly set a solid phonic isolation between their premises and my apartment. And the neighborhood will applaud.

For whom the rules ?
For whom the rules ?

Europe is getting tough on all abuses against its citizens. The abuses cover noise, smell and anything that inflicts any harm to common people. As explained in the attached official letter; any complain will systematically generate a financial punishment of the offender. If there is only one Dominoís Pizza causing a malaise I suggest transforming it into a second Franciscan bookshop. Itís so calm in that spiritual place.