Background of a page
Background of a page

Two selected photo shots were used to create a combined image that I used as a background for my internet page. The resulting “photo” was supposed to satisfy two criteria ...

Domino Brief
Domino Brief

The Golden Triangle is a homogeneous architectural area situated in the 14th district of Paris. In one of its prestigious buildings, a Domino’s Pizza opened its day to day activity ...

Resume on hedge funds
Hedge Funds

Alfred Winslow Jones coined the term and the idea of a «hedge fund» in 1940 when he wrote for “Fortune” magazine. His idea was that by combining the use of long and short positions coupled with the use of leverage, a manager of a fund might outperform the market both in good and in bad times.

After the trade is done
After the trade is done

A brokerage firm is the subject of the article presented below. A client needs a dealer to process his buying or selling a security. A brokerage firm is the dealer. When a security’s trade is done there are many things that happen. Their sequence with all possible interactions constitutes a process. The article uncovers the operational functions of a typical brokerage firm, that is, what happens after the trade is done and the essential elements of that process.

From comment to paragraph
Comment on comments writing

Writing a sentence and making these sentences into paragraphs has become my preoccupation ever since I read “On Writing Well – The classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction” by William Zinsser. Delivering a good paragraph is like preparing a dish.

Web pages with a style
The Holy Grail of style

Contents and containers are two basic concepts behind any web page creation. Contents is about a message that you send to a reader. Container is about the layout and the format of presentation that help you to transfer that message. A rich variety of resources is used when contents and container are conceived and assembled into a web page. Among them is the concept of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) A minor tribute to CSS and web page editing is the subject of the provided article.

ZetGalus report
Load the report

Load the report on the last year portfolios performances based on dividend yield ranking. The methodology is applied to Paris segment of the Euronext Stock Exchange Market.

Broker’s broken heart
Will the Broker die

A distraction is needed when the hard work dominates our daily professional activities. With a personalised version of a traditional song that I turn into a kind of a limerick I give it a try to distract you for a while. By no means, do not take it personally. It's just to let you get rid of some stress if there is any. To lift you above that regular strain that put you down to the floor of the open space. If after reading, you start feeling a pair of wings budding on your back and an inner smile turns up the left corner of you mouth, my contribution is positive.

Quality of the executive leader
Executive leader

Information technology is such a hyped area that it allows for any newcomer’s comment to be ignored. It confuses but stimulates as well. Overwhelmed by stereotypes and abuse of the form we forget about its essential that is to provide a valuable contents. The unique is always in need. Any individual by his or her sheer uniqueness contributes to the development of concepts accepted and reinforced by the group. That association and integration of the ideas using an amalgam of technological and traditional means of conception creates the society of information. Leaders make that cyber-organism move into the direction inspired by their visions. Unfortunately many a Consulting & Information Services Companies (SSII) are weakened by a missing model.

Methodology platform
Living with use cases

There is no royal way to accomplish a project with success. The importance of clearly defined requirements and their adequate interpretation through the Use Case approach raises our chances to deliver without failure. The number of web pages covering the use cases methodology as well as the time dedicated to it indicate the importance of the issue. As they are supposed to be the most simple concept in the area of software requirements I begin to realise that it must be that « simple » that is an obstacle.

On derivatives
Quantum outlook

Defy the complexity of one the most stimulating domains of the financial territory: the derivatives. If some doubts may be cast on its efficiency, one thing is certain, it's a hell C O M P L I C A T E D area. Many unspoken consequences go even beyond the stock markets. No wonder why the quantum perception made it's way into the financial studies. What Peter Lynch once said on derivatives’ essentials is not thoroughly accounted for by the financial community. Some hints on quantum outlook and other related items are added to the article.

Reengineering process
Meta Model

The essentials of my web site contents generation are exposed. Transparency on what's hiding behind the visible part of the web pages is the leading factor of my presentation. Personalised process of reengineering is presented using Mega methodology approach.

Circle of my souls
Circle of my souls

Let me introduce my friends who joined the circle of my web souls. There is always a place for you and I appreciate all your personal touch.

Montsouris Park
Tree - a company to my strolling

A selection of photographs of the trees taken from Montsouris Park (Paris - Parc Montsouris) is presented. Taking pictures helped me to recognise and learn their proper names. That’s what I missed through my primary education. The collection constitutes a simplified guide to anybody who cares about the trees and takes a walk through the park. Its aim is to help you in getting acquaintance with them. You may watch and touch while walking and verify if they are exactly as shown on these pages.

Hélène my daughter
My ultimate honey-pie

She's an apple of my eye. My ultimate honey-pie. Brave and eager, ingenious and precise. Her intensity of action is helpful and she's still growing. Rose of the roses, charming and full of love as if inspired by a Good Fairy. Her passions range from horse riding, through editorial inclinations, love of the nature and dedication to her own way of feeling.

Gromski - my friend
Diamond rock inside of him

He's a killer – a great guy. You'll find a diamond pillar inside of him. Poignant, accurate, independent and solid like a rock. Psychologist, interpreter and great friend and enemy of mine and co-worker in difficult missions. A great tennis player and a judo champion as well. When you get in touch with him, you forget about any other company. At least for a while. You may give it a try if you don’t mind. Have you got that chance to stay with people like him ? That’s what I wish you.

Ewa’s corner
Profound human touch

In the dry and desert life of finance, computers and any other highly technical activity she's like your life's support. Sensuality, openness and that profound human touch that accompany her writings makes you ponder that if you don't stop for a moment you'll miss something. Her warm poetical touch emanates from her verses and smoothes your daily chores. You might get enchanted.

Colours of Biscarrosse
Rue des Hirondelles 118

118 is the number that made Claudine's dream come true. The ocean, the beaches, the pine forest, and right in the middle of that enchanted place our house stands. It has already a certain history and our successive sojourns add to its heritage. We are building a place that will certainly make us chant: "country roads take me home, to the place I belong …".