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The process of dealing with financial data is exposed using methodology provided by MEGA Version 6.1 Service Pack 2 software package ( The purpose of this presentation is to give the maximum of transparency on what's going on behind the scenes of my Internet Site. The final result of my activities covered by this Site is a collection of reports (MS Word) , selective and user oriented views (MS Access data base) on financial analytical data and public access to my Internet pages generated by Zgalus Financial Package (ZFP). Principal processes and procedures are presented to assure that nothing is left to a random retrieval though a «random walk» through my pages is very appreciated and welcome.

MEGA Software Package





This page will be enriched following a methodological approach proposed by the MEGA Software Package. It's a kind of the reverse engineering process (PRP = Personal Reengineering Process) after six years of software development and financially oriented knowledge management process. The final word is given to the reader who will be confronted with my own view on CMMI leading to a certification of a particular process like mine. Quality certification is not reserved to companies with important sizes. It could be something as «insignificant» as my own exploitation or any other's like yours, of course.

To answer this question certain elements of knowledge management must be included:

[1] Our own workings must attain a professional level through a defined and repeatable process. Be master of your own process.

[2] You need a utility equivalent to MEGA Software Package in order to expose your processes.

[3] Deep understanding of CMMI certification process is needed to appreciate the potential of being attributed a significant level of quality assurance.

View on actors and processes





General view on actors and processes is the starting point of my presentation. Three processes, three internal actors and four external actors are its principal elements. Here they are:




[1] data acquisition

[2] data mining

[3] data publishing


Internal Actors


[1] information technology manager

[2] financial analyst

[3] journal editor


External Actors


[1] Les Echos daily stock exchange data

[2] internet provider NOOS France

[3] internet provider Free France

[4] Le Journal Des Finances

Financial Processes
Data acquisition





Data acquisition is the starting process for any other that follows. That's why the financial data acquisition process is exposed as the first in the series. Key elements of this process are:

[1] data import through FTP from financial quotations provider «Les Echo»

[2] management of reference data

[3] operations on stocks (e.g.:  splits)

Finacial Data Integration
Data mining





Data mining is the process that follows the previous one i.e.:  data acquisition. It's the kernel of all processes. All business is based on it. Key elements of this process are:

[1] automatic portfolio generation based on dividend yield

[2] volatility for SRD Euronext market sector stocks

[3] MACD analysis for principal industrial sectors with detailed technical analysis

[4] swing trader view on stocks for stock picking action

[5] sector analysis:  stocks by sector and sector by period change views

[6] portfolio management: return on real portfolio on daily basis is calculated

Finacial Data Mining
Data publishing
bouleau de Chine





Data publishing is the process that follows the previous one i.e.:  data mining. It's purpose is to deliver internet pages to general public and on demand reporting for selected clients. Key elements of this process are:


[1] intranet & internet pages generation

[2] MS WORD & PDF reporting through mailing procedure

[3] Galuzetta journal edition

Finacial Publishing
Application design
cypres d'Arizona





Application design is a simplified functional and deployment chart. Key elements of this application are:


[1] stocks - quotations Access data base

[2] stocks - fusion Access data base

[3] stocks - SRD historical data Access data base

[4] application server Access data base


[4.1] MACD - application

[4.2] portfolio management - application

[4.3] data mining - application

[4.4] stocks & indexes graphics - application

Finacial Application Design